Courses Taught (Click on course titles for syllabi)

  1. CE 3520, Economic Evaluation of Projects

  2. CE 4310/6310, Building Information Modeling in Construction Management

This course introduces building information modeling (BIM), trains students in using Revit Architecture software (to a certain extent), and explores the use of BIM in construction management applications such as quantity takeoff, 4D scheduling, energy analysis and etc.

  1. CE 4340/6340, Construction Estimating and Project Controls

Specifications, contracts, and bidding strategies; purchasing and subcontracting policies; accounting for materials, supplies, subcontracts, and labor; procedural details for estimating earthwork, reinforced concrete, steel, and masonry; overhead and profit items.

  1. CE 4380/6380, Construction Support Operations

  2. CE 8410, Underground Construction

The course objective is to learn tools that can be applied to make deteriorating underground pipeline infrastructures more sustainable. Class discussions, outside reading, projects, and homework are designed to support this objective. The following are the list of topics that are covered in this course:

  • Overview of infrastructure systems with focus on underground systems

  • Current state of underground systems and significant challenges

  • Design considerations for buried pipelines: structural design and hydraulic design

  • Underground construction materials

  • Geotechnical investigations for underground construction

  • Underground construction methods

  • Underground infrastructure inspection methods

  • Underground rehabilitation methods

  • Planning and management of underground construction projects

  • Implications of underground infrastructure failures

  • Risk assessment and resilience modeling of infrastructure systems