Externally-funded Research Projects:

1.      CRISP Type-1: Data-driven Real-time Simulation for Adaptive Control of Interdependent Infrastructures (Lead PI Piratla, Budget: $ 499,870) 

         Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (Click here for the abstract)

2.      CyberSEES Type-1: Enabling Sustainable Water Supplies Through Self-Powered Sensor-Based Monitoring (Lead PI Piratla, Budget: $ 396,011) 

         Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (Click here for the abstract)

3.      Best Practices for Assessing Culvert Health and Determining Appropriate Rehabilitation Methods (Lead PI Piratla, Budget: $ 199,966)

         Funding Agency: South Carolina Department of Transportation (Click here for the abstract)

4.      Adaptability Toolkit for South Carolina's Coastal Water Infrastructure (Lead PI Piratla, Budget: $ 159,831 direct cost + $ 79,916 cost share)

         Funding Agency: South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium through National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); (Click here for the abstract)

5.      EAGER: SSDIM: Multiscale Methods for Generating Infrastructure Networks (Co-PI Piratla, Budget: $200,000)

         Funding Agency: National Science foundation (Click here for the abstract)

6.      RED: Learning Teams and Innovation Ventures for Adaptable Training in Engineering (Sr. Personnel Piratla, Budget: $1,999,289)

         Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (Click here for the abstract)

*Few colleagues from Clemson and other universities serve as PIs or co-PIs on the above identified projects. The indicated budgets are for the entire project.

A few topics our research group currently focusing on include:

1.      Decentralized water systems for sustainable and reliable supply

2.      Resilience-based rehabilitation planning of water pipeline systems

3.      Real-time monitoring of water pipeline systems using sustainable sensing systems

4.      Resilience enhancement of water supply networks against seismic hazards

5.      Best practices for assessing culvert health and determining appropriate rehabilitation methods

6.      Adaptable coastal storm water infrastructures in the face of sea level rise and coastal flooding hazards

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